SwiftSMSblast is a handy application to let you SMS many numbers at once. Let’s configure the application in following steps.

2.Add Campaign

CAMPAIGN is a temporary group of tasks to achieve an objective. Our campaign consists of a list of numbers to which we want to send a message. Click on “Add new campaign”, and enter the following information.

CAMPAIGN NAME - This is the name by which you want to refer the campaign. Eg-XmasOffer.

MESSAGE - This is the message that will be sent to each number in the contact list (explained in following step)

3.Add Contacts

You now need to add phone numbers to the campaign who will be sent the SMS when the campaign starts. This list of numbers can be saved in a file, or can be imported from phonebook also.


To start a campaign, click on the campaign name, and click on the start button. A running campaign can be paused and resumed at own pace. When a campaign is running, each number is sent the message defined in that campaign.

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