1.Add Contacts

So, you have installed SafetyPal on your Android phone to keep you safe and alert your near ones in case you are in any critical situation.

You will need to add your contacts to the application. Click on the + icon

in application top-bar to choose and add contacts from your phone-book.

2.Set Alarm

In case you want an audible alarm to sound a file, you can toggle the alarm status ON by clicking the speaker button in left-top. Everytime you press the HELP button, the app will start blaring out a siren-sound if this setting is ON. Default alarm setting is OFF. (Please note that the alarm will sound even if your phone’s current sound-setting is set to SILENT)


Now, you are ready to use the SafetyPal from the widget-screen. Click it any time to send a SOS to your near-ones.

Still facing any problem in running SafetyPal?

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