1.Download Script

The application needs server-side scripts to be installed in order to function properly. You may download the script from

http://mobisnow.com/downloads/Android-A2Billing.zip or click download link buttons. Refer below on steps to do the same:

[root@server ~]#wget http://mobisnow.com/downloads/Android-A2Billing.zip

After downloading, you find two zip files as per your current a2billing setup. Unzip the appropriate version zip file and and copy the unzipped folder to the a2billing customer folder.

[root@server ~]#unzip androida2billing13.zip

[root@server ~]#mv androida2billing13 /var/www/html/mya2billing/customer/

It is assumed that your customer folder is located at

/var/www/html/mya2billing/customer/ , so now the new folder will be at /var/www/html/mya2billing/customer/androida2billing13.

2.Setup Application

Open the application and enter the login details of a2billing-account, and server-url (ending at customer folder). This is a one-time set-up process. This URL may be changed any time in application by clicking on “Logout” and clicking on “Change API” on login screen.


Now your A2Billing SIP Client is ready to use. You can make calls using callback feature, check your account balance, refill your account and check your call-history.

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